The human body consists of many organs that all function together to keep a person alive. These organs need to stay healthy so they can operate on a daily basis and are essential to survival. Drug and alcohol use affects all of them.

According to Nora Volkow, MD, Director of NIDA, “Drug abuse and addiction can affect almost every system in your body. You probably know that drugs affect feelings and moods, judgment, decision making, learning, and memory. But they can also cause or worsen other health problems—cancer; heart disease; lung disease; liver function; mental disorders; and infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and tuberculosis.”

The brain is a complex organ that controls the way you feel, move, and talk. The brain also helps you think, learn, and process information in order to make critical decisions. When a person is addicted to drugs and alcohol, the brain’s function is compromised and it loses the ability to control the body.

Drugs and alcohol invade the brain, and disrupt the brain’s performance by altering all of its normal activity. Essentially, the drugs and alcohol hinder the brain’s ability to act on its own and causes a person to lose their self-control. Alcohol abuse can lead to irreversible brain damage, overdose, and death.

Drugs and alcohol affect the other organs too. They cause chronic heart problems and diseases that could result in heart attacks, high blood pressure, and an irregular heartbeat. These heart complications can be fatal. Drug and alcohol abuse also contributes to cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, and organ damage or failure. These substances affect the immune system, which can make a person prone to many diseases and viruses.

The effects of drug and alcohol abuse are devastating. It affects the organs and alters a person’s skin, hair, nails, and overall appearance. Over time, the body builds a tolerance to drugs and alcohol causing the brain to think it needs more. That leads to drug and alcohol-related diseases, organ damage, and overdose.

When a person is addicted to drugs and alcohol, the whole body is affected. The brain loses the ability to maintain control and the person will keep using, even when he or she wants to stop. There is hope for recovery with the right treatment plan.

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