Aftercare Program

At Nexus, aftercare planning starts on day one. When clients enter our facility, we immediately begin to build a framework to support their short and long-term goals. This not only helps our clients obtain and maintain sobriety, but also gives them the opportunity to start building a life for themselves during the recovery process. The goal of our treatment program is to have clients leave Nexus with a clear cut vision of what they want their life to look like outside of recovery, and to have already taken steps to make that vision a reality.

We also know that staying connected to our facility through an alumni and/or mentorship program can be an important part of maintaining sobriety. Consequently, Nexus offers a variety of ways for clients to stay involved, supported, and accountable once they have completed their treatment with us.

Aftercare Options

Sober Mentoring Package

For those who are new to recovery or are prone to relapses, having a sober mentor is a great way to maintain accountability and support outside of our treatment facility.

Clients can choose to have a mentor spend between 3-9 hours per week with them, and mentor responsibilities can be tailored to fit each client’s individual needs.

Some mentor responsibilities may include:

  • Drug-screening urine analysis
  • Monitoring prescribed medications
  • Life maintenance oversight: diet,
    cleanliness in home, personal hygiene
  • Assessment of mood, behavior, emotional
    state, and relationships
  • Confirmation of attendance at school/
    work/therapy appointments
  • Accompaniment to 12-Step meetings
  • Sober companionship for trips or events
  • Regular mentor communication with
    parents (if applicable)

Alumni Program:

All former clients are invited to be a part of our alumni program. Through this program, clients can attend:

  • Weekly alumni meetings
  • Community events at our facility (movie
    nights, concerts, etc.)
  • Weekly community meetings which staff
    and current clients attend
  • Weekly 12-Step meeting
  • Monthly follow-up/check-in calls

If you or a loved one are considering treatment, contact us today and learn how we can help.

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