Alcohol & Drug Rehab for Men

Upwards of 70% of drug and alcohol treatment center admissions are men.

Effective alcohol and drug rehab for men must be tailored to their unique physiological, psychological, and emotional needs. Treatment for men must emphasize the challenges and experiences of men in early life, today’s society, and in regard to their relationship to drugs and alcohol. This understanding has shaped the clinical program here at Nexus Recovery Services.

Men tend to:

  • Lack healthy peer relationships upon entering treatment
  • Struggle with understanding and expressing their emotions and feelings due to gender roles and expectations that are often forced upon them from a young age
  • Start using at a younger age than women due to more opportunities as well as higher rates of responding to peer pressure

Shared experiences such as these offer a platform for male clients to discuss how engaging in substance use during such a pinnacle stage of development has impacted their lives and influenced their drug and alcohol use and recovery. Our alcohol and drug rehab for men has been expertly developed by our experienced and dedicated staff with these and other gender-specific issues in mind.

About Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Men

At Nexus Recovery Services, we believe that brotherhood and camaraderie are imperative for sustainable long-term recovery from substance abuse and addiction.

Why Do You Offer Gender-Specific & Mixed Programming?

In addition to addressing male-specific issues, it is also imperative that all clients learn or re-learn how to have healthy and appropriate relationships with the opposite sex and themselves. For this reason, we incorporate both male-specific and mixed groups into our clinical programming here at Nexus Recovery. In doing so men are able to gain an alternative perspective from their female peers which adds a deeper level of growth and understanding.

We offer a wide variety of groups tailored to meet the unique needs of our male clients. However, groups that focus on attachment styles and boundary settings help males and females learn to set and hold boundaries, create a safe space, and engage in ways that support each others growth. Our mixed gender programming helps to lay a foundation of practical tools to help our clients navigate life and relationships successfully both during and after treatment.

Because of the lack of healthy and supportive peer relationships that many newly sober men struggle with, we aim to focus on relationship building throughout the group process in our outpatient treatment program. The need for socialization as a means of coming out of the shadows of substance use-related isolation is something we take seriously.

The creation of a healthy and supportive community battles the stigma that is often experienced when men consider asking for help. We believe that by encouraging participation in a sober community both inside and outside of our program we allow this community and brotherhood to flourish.

Alumni & Family Testimonials

“I have great respect for Nexus Recovery and its associated leadership. I believe in their mission to provide ethical treatment and attention to clinical detail. I have seen many lives come in the door broken and exit with purpose, I am one of them.”

Male-Specific Issues & Care

In a gender-responsive treatment setting, we provide a specific focus on men’s issues such as gender roles and expectations in an effort to normalize the male process and suffering.
In a patriarchal society, males are expected to be a source of strength, especially in areas of financial responsibility, and when an individual is not “living up “ to these ideologies, they experience high levels of shame.

Interestingly, males also have higher rates of lower age of first use due to more opportunities than women as well as higher rates of responding to peer pressure.

At Nexus, we have taken the needs of our male clients and identified specific groups that address and challenge the male struggle, including, “Men in Society,” a group that address toxic masculinity and shame, “Roles and Expectations,” which challenges the demands that can be placed on men to live up to the societal expectations and the conflict that arises when demands are not met, “Accountability” which supports peer-to-peer support and feedback, etc.

Alternative Sentencing

Males have higher rates of criminal engagement and we are able to tackle these challenges head-on through extensive case management. When necessary, we work with clients, their families, and the courts to ensure that all requirements are being met. Like all program offerings here at Nexus, we aim to ensure that our clients have their best chance at success after they leave our care. Supporting our client’s legal challenges is just one of the ways we help them reintegrate into normal daily life after treatment.

Trauma-Informed Care

Males are less likely to identify outwardly with experiencing trauma despite the fact that males experience trauma almost as much as women. At Nexus, we foster a safe environment that allows males to be vulnerable and redefine their narrative. Several of our therapists are trained in EMDR, a specialized trauma therapy modality proven to be especially effective with men in recovery. In addition to EMDR we offer a variety of group therapies that help our clients come out of isolation regarding their trauma and build shame resilience. The clinical team at Nexus assists in implementing coping skills that soothe trauma triggers, create safe spaces for healing, and better prepare our clients for living in sobriety.

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