Depression is a debilitating mental health condition that affects all aspects of a person’s life. An individual who suffers from depression will often decline invitations to social events, family gatherings, and special occasions with friends. When you have depression, you disengage in things that were fun, interesting, and enjoyable. Depression deteriorates relationships and distorts a person’s worldview.

Depression clouds your perspective on life. Many people with depression use alcohol as a way to escape the pain they are going through and to get a break from their reality. Alcohol is a depressant and actually worsens symptoms of depression and causes physical and mental health problems such as brain damage, overdose, or early death.

People use alcohol as a relief from stress, anxiety, and depression but over time, a person can develop an addiction to alcohol. Alcohol feeds depression, and depression feeds alcohol consumption. Alcohol abuse disrupts sleep patterns, affects the brain and major organ functions, and takes priority over responsibilities and relationships. Alcohol addiction heightens depression, affects job performance, and can cause job termination due to tardiness, absences, and low productivity.

In treatment, you will learn how to find healthy, sober activities, hobbies, or interests to participate in and establish a sense of self-worth, purpose, and mindfulness while sober. A treatment with a holistic healing approach focuses on treating the mind, body, and spirit to have a successful recovery.

Alcohol addiction and depression are treated as a dual diagnosis in rehab. People with a dual diagnosis must get treatment for alcohol addiction and depression to make a fulfilling, successful recovery. Alcohol addiction and depression are treatable. New, healthy alternatives to coping with depression, anxiety, stress or other mental health conditions are offered in treatment.

As with all addictions, each person’s treatment is unique. Some people recover from depression in a few weeks or months with the appropriate therapy and medication. For others, depression is a lifelong illness. Recovery from alcohol addiction is possible, and happens one day at a time.

If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, get help now. Nexus Recovery Services specializes in addiction treatment and is an exclusive experience for individuals who truly want to change. We encompass holistic therapy for the mind, body, and soul. Our mission is to provide tools and support for every client’s seamless transition into a meaningful and fulfilling life of sobriety. We offer a free and confidential consultation. Call us to get started:


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