You’ve been checked in at the place where you are going to spend 28 days. It seems such a long time, and you don’t know how you’re going to make it through all that time. You’re scared, lonely and shaken up. You ask yourself, how did things get so bad. To make matters all that more challenging, you’ve been assigned to a double room. What if you don’t like your roommate?

You meet them and hardly say a word to each other as you unpack your bags. Thank God the time arrives for your first meal. People at the rehab facility rotate in and out, so the two of you, and some other new people don’t know anyone at the table. The other people offer welcomes and seem jovial, even chummy with each other. You keep to yourself even though your roommate and you sit next to each other.

At night in bed you hear your roommate quietly crying. You want to reach out, but don’t want to intrude either, and besides you feel just as awful, only tears won’t come. The next morning the two of you greet each other and go about your business getting ready for the day, which is going to be a busy one. Breakfast, back to your room and off to your first class about the disease of alcoholism.

A few days go by, and your roommate and you inquire how one anothers day went. Maybe you confide in them. You disliked the mindfulness meditation class. They in turn, say it made them feel less stressed. You loved the equine therapy, but your roommate didn’t. They are afraid of horses. Here you are, only a few days into your recovery, and find you and your roommate have opposing views. Can you learn from each other?

You decide to go out on a limb and ask your roommate something personal, like where they are from. You create an opening by expressing an interest in your roommate. Pretty soon they are inquiring about you and your story. A bond is formed when someone reaches outside of themselves. It turns out, though people in rehabs may come from completely different backgrounds, they may have a lot in common. Bonding with each other helps ease pain and inner suffering, and makes room for healing and laughter.

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