Addiction is a habit that continues despite any harmful consequences. Addiction seizes the brain’s normal functions and changes the brain chemically and physiologically. When addiction controls the brain, it can be extremely difficult to change the addictive behavior. When a child grows up in a household with a parent who has an addiction, there is an increased risk of him or her developing behavior and emotional problems and an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Can the cycle of addiction ever stop?

The addiction cycle can stop with the help of a good treatment program. The brain is dependent on the drugs or alcohol, and the person needs to change his or her lifestyle and past behaviors related to addiction. The brain needs to be re-trained to function normally without toxic substances.

What factors contribute to addiction?

Mental health disorders and addiction have a genetic component that predisposes a person to mental health issues and addiction. Environmental factors also contribute to the risk of developing a mental health illness or substance abuse problem. The cycle of addiction causes frustration, anxiety, and a need for immediate relief from withdrawal symptoms when a person stops using drugs or alcohol. A person living in the cycle of addiction will obsess about using drugs or alcohol and develop feelings of guilt and shame.

How do I change past behaviors?

Take an active role in breaking the cycle. Change past behaviors with the help of a good treatment plan tailored to your unique experience. In treatment, you will learn how to live without drugs or alcohol. When you are substance-free, you can make clear decisions, use critical thinking skills, and develop strategies for staying sober.

In treatment, you discover more about yourself, develop social skills, and explore your interests, hobbies, and activities that you can enjoy in sobriety. New, sober relationships can develop by attending group meetings. Physical and mental health improves when ending drug or alcohol use. Treatment will help you adjust to a healthy, sober, independent life when the program ends.

If you or your loved one struggles with addiction, break that cycle today. Nexus Recovery Services specializes in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction and is an exclusive experience for individuals who truly want to change. We encompass holistic therapy for the mind, body, and spirit. Our mission is to provide tools and support for every client’s seamless transition into a meaningful and fulfilling life of sobriety. We offer a free and confidential consultation. Call us to get started: 310-881-9151

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