Remember when you were a little kid and your friend Biffy got a black, Hillerich and Bradsby Louisville Slugger bat for his birthday? You were so jealous. It was the bat you dreamed of having for your own. Your parents couldn’t afford to buy you a bat of your own, let alone, the Slugger. It wasn’t fair. You carried around a resentment that propelled you to excel in school. You wanted to show Biffy your worth one way or another, but in doing so you lost him as a friend.

You got a scholarship to a topnotch school, started your own company, and became a multi-millionaire. Although comparing yourself to another may have played a part in your own success, it also caused you to become a bitter, resentful person. Your management style was severe. You expected your employees to practically give up their lives for your company. You began drinking too much at home. One day you bought a bottle to keep in your desk drawer.

Does any of this scenario sound familiar? What happened to your life? Could it really have manifested in the way it did because of little Biffy and the bat? Comparing yourself to others can backfire. Of course it’s hard not to compare, but there are always going to be people in your life who have more than you. This is where staying with yourself comes into the picture.

You can’t live vicariously and be happy. By always comparing yourself to others you are keeping the focus of your life outside yourself. It’s like grabbing thin air—it gives you nothing. Even in the rehab you may compare your story with others. They never had it as bad as I did growing up. They never drank like I did at work, and had their secretary find them slumped over the desk. What good will comparing yourself do now?

One important step to take, is to stop comparing yourself to others. Get in the habit of seeing yourself on your own path, and others on theirs. Think of it as railroad tracks. There will always be another Biffy in your life, but now you can choose to be happy for them. Going on that trip to Antarctica isn’t on your path, but isn’t it great that he has a chance to go?

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