Addiction recovery is a challenging time in a person’s life. If you know someone undergoing the addiction recovery process, there are many ways you can support them while taking care of yourself. Providing assistance can include speaking to professionals or seeking extended care treatment services, offering only necessary financial assistance, and following through on your offers to help. Emotional support is equally important with honesty and positivity taking top priority. Providing a safe environment that encourages healthy practices such as meditation, and does not glamorize drugs and alcohol is a huge support for those in addiction recovery. Working on relationships should be done by working towards clear communication and avoiding unnecessary conflict. Taking care of yourself is arguably the most effective support you can provide someone during their recovery journey. Finding things that make you happy, joining support groups, and educating yourself on addiction will all help you be of maximum support to your loved one in recovery. You cannot take care of another person until you ensure your own self-care.

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How-to Support Someone in Addiction Recovery

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