When choosing a rehab facility, it can be difficult to narrow down the options. There are countless rehab facilities across the country that offer a variety of treatment options and amenities. Depending on your needs, some facilities may be better suited to help you achieve sobriety than others.

It can be tempting to automatically look at the rehab with the highest costs, but it is more important to understand what level of care the facility provides in order to determine how well it can work for you. Luxury rehab facilities are growing in popularity because of their ability to cater to clients’ needs while simultaneously providing a high-end, resort-like experience. These facilities tend to be more expensive compared to others, but they are often able to provide amenities that may not be available through other options. Consider the level of care you need and the type of comfort you would like provided, and you may find that a luxury rehab facility may be the ideal fit for you.

The Luxury Rehab Experience

Luxury rehabs have the ability to provide clients with access to numerous amenities while receiving treatment for their addiction. Luxury programs can provide comprehensive care with a spa-like experience. Those who can afford the higher costs associated with these programs may choose to do so for numerous reasons. In addition to an individualized treatment plan, they are often able to access services and amenities such as:

  • Acupuncture
  • Private rooms
  • Equine therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Gourmet food and catering
  • Exercise facilities with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Hot tubs and pools
  • Yoga
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Golf
  • Music therapy
  • Room service

Some of these services can be found at other rehab facilities, but are often associated with high-level programs. Luxury rehab programs feel more like a resort with easy access to the latest treatment options and professional staff. These programs may also offer a little more leniency compared to other facilities because of the clientele. They may offer a greater deal of control over the types of therapy you engage in, provide more frequent access to computers or phones, and offer a wide array of entertainment options to partake in when not in therapy.

Comparing Luxury Rehab Facilities

While luxury programs are designed to provide comfort and support through ample resources, not all of them are the same. While they may be similar in many regards, you may notice differences in the following:

  • Accommodations: Luxury programs offer numerous amenities, access to comfortable rooms, and good food, but the quality can vary from place to place.
  • Types of services: While many programs grant clients access to the latest treatment options, they may have different approaches to treatment. Some facilities may take a more traditional approach to rehab, while others may utilize more holistic, alternative approaches to treatment.
  • Price: Luxury rehabs are generally more expensive that other rehab facilities. You may find some luxury facilities are more expensive than others because of the accommodations offered or the location.
  • Payment: Not all luxury rehab costs will be covered by insurance, if at all. Some may require you to pay for everything up front, while others may allow you to make payments over time.
  • Recovery rates: Paying more for treatment does not always mean the recovery rates for clients are better. Some programs have higher rates of success upon completion than others.

Why Choose a Luxury Rehab Program?

Luxury rehab programs provide clients with a safe place to recover from addiction. Many of these facilities offer privacy, spa-like activities, and access to high-end amenities that allow people to protect their personal lives while maintaining their professional lives (if needed). Luxury rehab facilities allow clients to focus on their recovery through personalized care with the help of a high-profile, professional team.

The comfort and level of care provided through luxury programs can make it incredibly tempting to choose one based off amenities alone, but it is important to consider your individual needs when selecting a treatment program. Find a luxury program that puts an emphasis on your recovery by removing daily distractions and supporting your growth through comprehensive care. Many of these services, especially at luxury programs, are made available through residential treatment. Identifying the minimum length of stay required for these programs can also help you determine which option best suits your needs.

The price of a luxury program can range, but it is important to consider what you get for the money you spend. The amenities offered through luxury programs should be considered more as perks rather than the focus of your selection. Finding a treatment program that suits your needs should be the focal point of your search. Accommodations and amenities can sweeten the process, but the treatment and therapy provided are what is most important. These features will determine how effective the program is and help you better envision what long-term sobriety will look like.

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