Everything in life takes time: nine months before babies can be born, two or four years for college, waiting to be 16 years old to drive, or finding Mr. Right or Ms. Right. Recovery is no different. Think back to what your first day sober was like. Perhaps you couldn’t wait for the day to be over. Maybe you felt completely out of sorts, but you made it through 86400 seconds without a drink or another substance.

Day two through five may have been equally difficult, but the seconds became 1440 minutes of holding on to your sobriety instead of seconds. Each day you remained sober added strength to your resolve. As you move through each day of your sobriety your patience may be tested. Living in today’s world is like running the marathon with Flash Gordon.

To gain more patience, you can become more aware of, and slow down your nervous system. If your dial is always set on high speed, you’ll have a harder time feeling your feelings, and enjoying life. You’ll also be more apt to lose your patience with the old guy driving 30 MPH in a 50 MPH zone, the line at the deli, or any number of things!

You want and need things to go as smoothly as possible in your new sober life. How did you cope when your patience ran out and frustration set in before you got sober? Maybe your anger spiked out of concordance with whatever you grew impatient. That night you stopped at the bar, or consumed more than your usual amount at home on the couch. Perhaps you threw up all over the carpet? There’s no need to go back to those dreadful days, and that’s why it’s important to strengthen your level of patience.

When you find impatience ramping up, ask yourself what difference will a few minutes of waiting really make. While you’re in line or behind the old guy in traffic, take ten slow and deliberate breaths. Think about the humor or childishness of the situation—a grown man or woman getting irritated because something isn’t going their way. Remember, you’re not perfect and of course you’re going to become impatient in your recovery. Give yourself a break, and time, and a pat on the back—look how far you’ve come!

If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, get help now. Nexus Recovery Services specializes in addiction treatment and encompasses holistic therapy for the mind, body, and soul with a focus on staying active and connected to nature. Our mission is to provide tools and support for every client’s seamless transition into a meaningful and fulfilling life of sobriety. We offer a free and confidential consultation. Call us to get started:(310) 881-9151

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