We were once young and restless, We had dreams to be an Olympic athlete, a rich executive, a rock star, a concert pianist. We wanted to be famous, but what did that really mean? Did we want to be recognized as someone special?

We hear in the news about rich and famous people in recovery. Whether we are one of them or not, our addiction is no different than theirs, our bottom no worse, or our losses. Addiction can find its way into anyone’s psyche if they are not paying attention if they are trying to hide or escape physical or emotional pain.

In sobriety we have the gift of the ordinary. Each task we do can be done in a conscious act to attain inner peace. Hanging out or folding the laundry doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s just something that needs to be taken care of and is part of our daily life. It’s simple. When we pay attention to the ordinary things in our life we can bring our focus into the present.

When we bring in logs for the woodburning stove, we can feel our muscles working. If we play a musical instrument, we can relish in the notes, the melody, the movement of our fingers. Sweeping the kitchen floor or the garage—it’s all the same rhythm of the ordinary. Paying attention to the ordinary can bring down our stress level, it can give us a greater appreciation for our sobriety. Here we are washing the dishes, having coffee with a friend or playing with our children, young and older.

When we go through each of the first few days and weeks of sobriety, we can use the ordinary to bring us in touch with the blessing that is our life. Yes, blessing, not in a religious sense, but in the sense of existence. Of course we may have obstacles to overcome, like depression or any number of disorders, but by being conscious of the ordinary in our life can lend a calming effect on our anxiety, fears and disturbances.

The gift of the ordinary in our life can be the same as the creating a calm place to retreat to inside our mind. Things during the day can be chaotic, but then we come home, cut up and saute onions and garlic for our stir fry vegetables—simple and ordinary—a place to begin anew.

“The courage of very ordinary people is all that stands between us and the dark.”— Pam Brown

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