An intensive outpatient program (IOP) treats individuals with substance use disorders and coexisting mental and substance use disorders who do not require detox or supervision. IOPs are alternatives to inpatient and residential treatment (McCarty et al., 2014). Their purpose is to establish psychosocial support and produce relapse management and coping strategies to sustain sobriety in recovery.

IOP provides a specified number of hours per week of structured individual, group, and/or family therapy as well as psycho education about substance use and mental disorders. IOP is perfect for a person who is transitioning from residential treatment and needs a part-time intensive schedule to accommodate work, school, and family life. The objective is to establish a solid base for clients as they switch to less intensive treatment.

Some Services Included in IOP

  • Individual therapy. Meet with a therapist on a weekly basis to work through any underlying problems and to strengthen emotional coping skills.
  • Group therapy. There are a variety of groups to choose from that a client can attend on a daily basis. Some include 12-step groups, health and wellness, and life skill training.
  • Family therapy. Family members are encouraged to attend to support their loved one’s recovery progress.
  • Group outings. Some groups go on hikes, to the beach, rock climbing, and other fun activities.
  • Nutrition and fitness counseling. There are groups that teach clients how to properly care for their body with a well-balanced diet and fitness goals.
  • Career and education planning: These services offer clients the opportunity to set goals and build a fulfilling life after treatment.
  • Spiritual counseling: Clients can build self-worth and gratitude while exploring life’s purpose.
  • Aftercare services: The aftercare services continues when a client leaves treatment and ensures the client’s progress in sobriety.
  • IOP is essential to the transition into a new, sober lifestyle by implementing all the therapies and views learned in treatment

IOP is crucial to the transition into a new, sober lifestyle by implementing all the therapies and ideas learned in treatment on a daily basis in recovery. IOP services ignite mindfulness of self and others, and increase self-worth, confidence, and purpose.

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