Family Intensive Program

At Nexus, we understand that addiction is a family disease. This is why our outpatient treatment program, unlike many others, offers a three day Family Intensive Program in addition to weekly family therapy and support. All of our clients participate in the Family Intensive Program, which is specifically designed to help both our clients and their families. The Family Intensive helps set our clients up for lasting sobriety and continued success for long after they leave our care.

About Our Family Intensive

Our Family Intensive is designed to provide a multifaceted experience for both clients and family members. During the program held at our facility, clients and families participate in:

  • Multi-family psychoeducational sessions
  • Communication sessions
  • Experiential activities, and
  • Private counseling opportunities

Participants also receive Al-Anon/CoDA/Families Anonymous 12-step exposure and enjoy spending time on and off campus with their loved one. We educate family members about recovery in general while attempting to spark their own personal recovery from the wreckage of chemical dependency within the family. Addiction is a family disease; it holds everyone hostage.

The program is designed to build on what is learned each day; identification, trust, and support between all attendees develops and grows over the course of the program. We empathize with the sacrifices of time families have already made to help their struggling family member and understand that addiction ravages families. However, research shows that family healing is an essential component for all family members touched by this disease which is why Nexus does what it can to ensure that all clients and their families are able to participate in the family intensive.

About Our Family Program Facilitator

Our Family Program is facilitated by its developer and founder Jeanie Griffin, DD, LPC, LMFT, LCDC.

About Jeanie

Jeanie is a licensed psychotherapist and treatment program consultant. With licenses in Texas and California and over 30 years experience working in the addiction field, Jeanie has been clinical director of treatment programs, faculty member at UCLA addiction counselor training program, private practice therapist, clinical consultant to treatment programs, facilitator and developer of family programs and spiritual director.

Over 1,200 clients and families have attended her nationally acclaimed Family Program, Head Heart and Feet, where she combines psycho-educational sessions, experiential activities, and 12-step spiritual principles. Ms. Griffin’s work is grounded in simplicity, driven by spirituality, fueled by a sense of humor and dedicated to healing individuals, families, communities and the planet.

If you are interested in learning more about the programs offered at Nexus, give us a call at 888.855.6877 or send us a message using the button below and one of our admissions counselors will be able to answer all of your questions.

The Importance of Family Therapy in Addiction Treatment

The family system is like a mobile hanging over the baby’s crib. When a stressor (new baby, loss of a job, divorce, death of someone, addiction, single-parent home, working several jobs etc) hit the mobile it will vibrate. It will eventually become still again and life goes on. However, if the stressor is major it may knock one of the figures off the mobile so the mobile becomes lopsided. Eventually, it will stop vibrating but, it will remain lopsided which becomes “normal” for the individuals in the family. Individuals leaving the lopsided home think that this lopsided view is normal so they take that into the world.

As the individual moves through life, they enter relationships that are familiar to them so they find another lopsided individual. Soon they leave, saying, “You are just like my father” or “this boss is just like my sister.” This pattern is repeated over and over until the person stops and self-reflects about what in them needs to be changed so they do not keep getting the same results they did in their family of origin relationships.

During the Family Intensive program, we look at how and why we have adapted to situations that have left us lopsided and how those adaptations affect our lives today. Guided by our team of expert facilitators, our clients, and their families can learn about themselves and how they can heal from events present in their own family of origins.

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