Family Therapy for Addiction

Substance abuse is hard on everyone in the family whether you want to admit it or not. Your loved one’s addiction may have scarred you and everyone else in your family, which makes family therapy in Los Angeles important for everyone involved.

Problems Families Face

Sometimes, it’s hard to face the harsh realities that result from substance abuse. Everyone knows that family members are affected by it, but sometimes, the extent of the damage isn’t truly uncovered because families think the most important thing is to worry about the substance abuse.

Yes, it is great that your loved one is getting intensive outpatient care in Los Angeles, but you have to be able to recognize the problems the rest of your family is facing as well. You’d be surprised how many families bury their issues, thinking that once the addiction is dealt with, everything else will just fall in place.

Often times, there’s more to examine and work on once a person begins the path of recovery. The following are some issues your family might be dealing with, and good family treatment in Los Angeles is meant to help with:

  • A financial strain on the family could cause all sorts of issues like late payments to the inability to buy groceries.
  • Negativity between family members could manifest as resentment, anger, lack of communication, feeling powerless, and so much more.
  • Lying could become second nature in your family, and that could lead to even more problems.
  • Stealing and other questionable actions could hurt the stability of your family. Criminal activity could also lead to problems with the law that could have lasting effects for all of you.

These are some issues families like yours may go through, which is the reason you need family therapy for addiction.

How can Therapy Make a Difference?

There is no way family therapy for addiction is going to be able to erase what you or your family has gone through. What you are going to be doing is learning how to cope with the emotional scars addiction has caused in your family. Everyone will be learning how to help your loved one overcome his or her addiction while also healing in the process.

A lot of family members have a hard time understanding how powerful their support is. Usually, family members have a hard time believing they can be much help because of their past failures. You may be able to relate to this since you’ve probably asked, begged, and maybe even demanded that your loved one stop his or her addiction.

No matter what you or your family tried, your loved one continued to abuse a specific substance. Well, now you can get the right tools to be a more effective support system. Family therapy for drug addiction will help you learn about the intensive outpatient program and also give you the power to give your loved a fighting chance.

Relapse happens to more people than you might think, but having strong family support can change things for the positive.

If you are considering treatment for yourself or a loved one, call us today.

What Can You Expect?

As you know, family therapy in Los Angeles is supposed to help everyone in your family, but now you are probably wondering what you can expect from this. The following are some things you and your kids are going to be going through during this process:

  • You will learn coping techniques to help you deal with this more effectively. This can be hard on you and your kids, but with proper therapy, it might be more manageable, thanks to psychoeducational sessions.
  • The communication sessions you’ll sit through should help open you up to talking again. Addiction can create cracks in your communication that’ll take work to repair.
  • Everyone will go through experiential activities to help you anticipate potential problems. Hopefully, this will make it easier to respond to whatever comes your way.
  • The entire family is going to learn more about the 12-step program your loved one is going through. This kind of knowledge should help you all be a more supportive family.
  • Private sessions should be available, just in case you or anyone else in your family needs to talk in this kind of setting.

These are just a few things you can expect from family treatment in Los Angeles, but it’s also beneficial to do additional research beforehand. This is a program your family is going to undergo, so it’s important to know the ins and outs of what it’s like.

What to Tell Children About the Program?

In all likelihood, your kids know that something is going on. Children are perceptive, so they probably know about the substance abuse. If the children involved are old enough, then go ahead and tell them this treatment is to help the family overcome addiction. If the kids are too young, then it may be easier to tell them that their mother or father is sick and has to go away to get better.

You can also talk to them about the family therapy for addiction, which they’ll be a part of. You’ll have to explain that therapy is a way to learn more about their loved one’s illness.

Family therapy for drug addiction is going to help answer some questions they may have. Perhaps your children saw some things at home that was out of the ordinary. They know that disruptions happened at home. Kids want to know what is going on, and they will appreciate being able to get some questions answered by professionals. These professionals are trained to talk to everyone in your family and can make talks easier.

These are just some things you and your kids can expect from family therapy. Here at Nexus, we know that we can help you get through this together, and we cannot wait to be able to make things a little easier. You have all been fighting this substance abuse for some time, and it’s time you’ve gotten some help, which is what Nexus Recovery Services is here to do. Reach out and contact us today for more information.

If you or a loved one are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, we’re here to help. Contact us today and speak with one of our trusted recovery advisors.

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