Our Mission, Values & Philosophy

Our Mission

Nexus is devoted to recovering the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of the alcoholic and drug-addicted person. Our comprehensive program is holistic and evidence-based.

Our Values


At Nexus, we maintain an unwavering commitment to doing things the right way. This means relationships with our clients are rooted in morality and honesty, and all actions we take within the community are based on best practices and not for personal benefit.


In our treatment facility, we do not only hold clients accountable but also hold ourselves accountable for our actions both with clients and in how we operate our program as a whole. We’ve found this approach creates an overall feeling of trust between clients and staff, which in turn maintains a safe and productive environment for everyone.


At Nexus, we treat our clients, their families, our community, and our team with respect. Every person’s time, space, ideas, and feelings are important and valued.


The entire team at Nexus is committed to bringing a level of understanding and empathy to everything that we do. We operate from a place of kindness and recognize that every person is on their own journey. Our job is to meet people where they’re at and offer help in whatever way we can.


Community is the heart of our values. Our facility and programs were designed specifically to foster a sense of community, not only between current and former clients, but also with staff. For us, it’s always about the group—connecting with one another, being a contributor, and creating a safe space for everyone to express themselves.

Our Philosophy

The primary objective of Nexus is to provide rehabilitation from alcoholism and drug addiction.

Since both are chronic, relapsing brain diseases, Nexus will treat the mind, body, and spirit with its two core philosophies: time and connection. By providing adequate time to heal and an environment which fosters meaningful connections, our clients will build the necessary structure and support to achieve recovery. Our model incorporates Partial Hospital Procedure (PHP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Outpatient (OP) and aftercare services that are designed with proven modalities to heal the brain. Our program will promote individualized goals, and provide tools to assist clients on their path. Nexus will foster a compassionate recovery community allowing clients the opportunity to reconnect with their peers, families, and future.

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Alumni & Family Testimonials

“I have great respect for Nexus Recovery and its associated leadership. I believe in their mission to provide ethical treatment and attention to clinical detail. I have seen many lives come in the door broken and exit with purpose, I am one of them.”

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