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We understand that choosing a treatment center for yourself or a loved one is one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make.

The process for picking a program can be daunting. Many programs claim to do similar things so how can you really determine which program is best for you or your loved one? One thing we know helps is hearing from others who have been through a similar struggle as you what their experience is like. If you would like to speak with alumni clients and/or their families about our program let our admissions team know and they will be sure to arrange that. In the meantime, read below to hear the experiences of several of our current and former clients and their families. They may even do a better job of explaining what an incredible treatment program Nexus Recovery Services has to offer.

Alumni & Alumni Family Reviews

As a parent, therapist and doctoral candidate in Mind-Body Medicine, who has been on the path with my son for over a decade and through many treatment facilities, I can wholeheartedly recommend Nexus.

The main reason that Nexus stands out in my experience is that they offer treatment from the heart. They treat families and individuals seeking treatment holistically, considering mind, body, and spirit. Johnnie M. is one of the most loving and non-judgemental individuals I have met working in this field. He is all love and no BS and the people he touches sense it. This kind of perspective and respect for the journey turned out to be the best kind of medicine. I will add that the women who lead the required family portion of the therapeutic treatment are true professionals who skillfully guided my son and me to new levels of vulnerability, trust, and honesty. We are now enjoying the warmest, most stress-free, and unguardedly loving relationship we have had in many years. He is thriving, no longer a slave to his addiction, and I too am a changed and more liberated woman, living without daily fear for my son’s life. I am grateful beyond measure.

Katherine L. – Alumni Parent

I can’t express in words what is truly in my heart in regards to Nexus Recovery Services.

Mental illness/Substance Abuse Disorder doesn’t just affect the person with the disease but the whole family. Nexus Recovery Services has been extremely effective with the type of treatment they provide for their clients. They give a very high level of care driven by self-less LOVE. Their experienced staff genuinely cares for the well being, healing, and recovery of all of their clients and it shows in their everyday interaction with the clients, their families and each other. They treat everyone with love and respect in an environment that is safe, non -judgmental, forgiving, and loving. They are a family and include YOU in that family and make you feel wanted, valued, and loved. After one year of treatment, my son is in a very stable and joyful place and so is our family thanks to Nexus. Nexus has taught our son many skills and given him the tools needed to live a sober and successful life. He now has more self-esteem with much hope for a brighter future. Johnnie and Melissa are wonderful! Recovery is possible with Nexus Recovery Services. They never give up on the clients even if the clients give up on themselves. My son has formed a bond with everyone at Nexus which has instilled many lasting friendships for years to come. Nexus, may you continue to shine your LIGHT to overcome the darkness. God bless you all and the wonderful work you are doing to make a positive difference in peoples lives.


Margie D. – Alumni Parent

I will forever be grateful for Nexus and the amazing staff working here.

They welcomed me with open arms and have helped me every step of the way… I have been to a lot of treatment centers and IOP programs and this the best one I have ever been to. They have saved my life. The therapists and clinical staff are beautiful people that care for each individual that walks through their doors.


Wes P. – Alumnus

Truly grateful for my Nexus family I wouldn’t be where I am today without these wonderful people.

I wish I could give more than 5 stars on this review. Thank you for showing me the way to a happy more meaningful life.


Shane M. – Alumnus

If you are like me, you have been tirelessly researching online or calling various sober living facilities – feeling heartbroken, lost, desperate, and confused – all while facing a decision which would directly impact the livelihood of a loved one. No pressure, right?

My husband had just completed rehab outside of Los Angeles and needed a [program] with good and honest people to help him adjust back to “real life” … The real (and scary) answer is these places are hard to come by. Now to get to why I NEEDED to write this review. Nexus. 5 letters that make up a word I want to shout from the rooftops with such profound gratitude… Nexus gave my husband a community bringing people into our lives which have changed it for the better. Nexus gave my husband counseling which has opened him up to realizing his true potential without the need of drugs or alcohol – he is just grateful to be walking in his shoes sober… Nothing is more important to me then family, and Nexus gave me my family back.


Danielle F. – Alumni Spouse

Nexus Recovery Services outpatient program is by far the best I’ve ever been to.

Fighting addiction for the past 12 years I have been to a lot of intensive outpatient programs over the years and had a variety of experiences but none of them provided the level of comfort, care, and accountability that Nexus did for me. All of the staff and clinical team are hardworking, passionate people who are almost all in recovery and provide such a warm experience to their clients. The one on one therapy sessions combined with the varied group topic discussions and field trips provided an experience for me that gave me a foundation to kickstart my journey in recovery that I am forever grateful for. I frequent Nexus on a regular basis still to this day because I was given a new family there. I am forever grateful for Nexus… will consider everyone there friends and family for the rest of my life.


Max S. – Alumnus

I have great respect for Nexus Recovery and its associated leadership.

I believe in their mission to provide ethical treatment and attention to clinical detail. I have seen many lives come in the door broken and exit with purpose, I am one of them.


Matthew R. – Alumnus

Believing nothing could ever change, questioning how anything could be different, I arrived at Nexus a broken individual.

The staff welcomed me with open arms and loving hearts. We quickly got down to causes and conditions and they loved me until I could love myself. I’ve struggled with alcoholism/addiction for the better part of a decade and am happy to report that I have over ten months clean and sober today. Things are wildly different than I ever believed to be possible and I am more than grateful for Nexus and the life they’ve helped me shape. Cheers!


Barrett W. – Alumnus

This is a place that truly cares for each and every client, from beginning until the very last step of the way.

All the team members are specialized in every way that no one misses a beat on anything. Amazing therapy program! Helping others comes easy to the staff at Nexus. I would highly recommend nexus to anyone I know in need of treatment.


Robyn G. – Alumni Spouse

So incredibly lucky to know the Nexus guys!

This place fosters a loving and supportive community from start to finish of the treatment process. They bring in some of the most effective facilitators and the love and sincerity can be felt by each one. This is one of the few highly ethical facilities left, where patient care actually comes first! Thank you Nexus for the incredible work!!


Brad E. – Alumnus

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