Addiction negatively affects many aspects of a person’s life. When a person has an addiction, his or her mental and physical health is compromised. Addiction takes over the way the brain functions, controls a person’s behavior, mood, relationships, work, and well-being, and results in negative consequences.

Treatment that incorporates mind, body, and spirit is beneficial to a person’s recovery. Spending time in nature or a natural setting is proven to recover mental, physical, and spiritual health. This type of treatment promotes a healthy, substance-free lifestyle and allows a person to get in touch with his or herself. Clearing the mind in an oxygen-rich environment helps the brain to heal and function without substance dependency.

Being outdoors is proven to decrease levels of depression, anxiety, and stress while improving physical wellness. According to Mardie Townsend, PhD, an honorary professor at the School of Health and Social Development at Deakin University in Australia, “there is mounting evidence that contact with nature has significant positive impacts on mental health.” Nature offers positive distractions in an oxygen-enriched environment with psychological and social benefits.

Spending more time in an oxygen-rich environment improves mental health. Symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, and stress are significantly reduced while self-image, confidence, and self-worth increase. Oxygen is proven to strengthen the brain physically and mentally. Being in a natural environment helps boost morale, reduce stress, and makes the recovery process less difficult.

Treatment programs that incorporate outdoor activities into group outings prove that you can have fun while being sober. Breathing in fresh air in a serene, natural setting improves mental wellness. Many people who struggle with addiction and mental health complications battle disruptive sleep patterns. People who exercise and stay active outdoors on a regular basis experience sleep that is more restful.

Group outings in treatment also strengthen team building and decision-making skills. It helps you connect to a new lifestyle without using drugs or alcohol. An oxygen-rich environment is very therapeutic in treatment for recovery.

If you or a loved one struggle with addiction, get help now. Nexus Recovery Services specializes in addiction treatment and encompasses holistic therapy for the mind, body, and soul with a focus on staying active and connected to nature. Our mission is to provide tools and support for every client’s seamless transition into a meaningful and fulfilling life of sobriety. We offer a free and confidential consultation. Call us to get started: 888-855-6877

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