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Our facility was designed to provide clients and their families with a comfortable and welcoming environment. We believe these elements are key to the recovery process.

Our group room, kitchen, community room, client lounge, and library are packed with amenities and offer ample space for individual and group sessions as well as movie nights and educational events. We also offer on-site parking and a discreet entrance for privacy.

Our private recovery clinic is located in Los Angeles, California. Our location offers easy access to freeways, is close to Venice Beach and Marina Del Rey, and is minutes away from restaurants, spas, medical offices, and downtown Culver City.

Check out photos of our state-of-the-art facility below.

Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is an incredible city to get sober in because of the accessibility to recovery across the city.

With our prime location on the West Side of Los Angeles, just a few minutes from Marina del Rey and downtown Culver City, Nexus is in the center of a thriving recovery community. In addition to the extensive Nexus Recovery Alumni Community, graduates of our program will have access to a plethora of 12-step and 12-step alternative groups in the area.

At Nexus we also teach the importance of physical health and well-being as well as mental health and well-being in order to maintain long-term sobriety and all around healthy living. Clients at Nexus will be introduced the wide variety of outdoor attractions throughout the Los Angeles area during their time in treatment so they are comfortable and better able to take advantage of them once they are no longer in our care. Whether someone is a Los Angeles native, or from out-of-state, finding ways to live and enjoy life sober is the city you are living in, in early recovery is vital to long term success.

You can learn more about the Los Angeles addiction recovery community and all that it has to offer by giving us a call at 310-564-2662, scheduling a tour with us, or visiting our Los Angeles Addiction Recovery Guide to learn more.

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