Addiction is very complex and a person needs to change his or her lifestyle and mindset for a successful recovery. The individual must be determined to stay sober and maintain a positive attitude in treatment. When a person goes through detox, he or she experiences withdrawals and sometimes are administered medication to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms. Self-care is crucial for mental and physical health in the recovery process.

A person who struggles with addiction will go through a range of emotions, and can easily feel unworthy, depressed, hopeless, and helpless. When a person goes through treatment, he or she should have support from sober loved ones who can encourage his or her journey in recovery.

Addiction changes priorities in a person’s life, including self-care. It affects mental and physical health, and takes precedence over everything. People who have an addiction usually struggle with an underlying mental health condition. Using drugs and alcohol can magnify depress, anxiety, and stress.

A change in lifestyle means a change in self-care. Activities such as exercise, eating healthy, interests in hobbies, reading, yoga, or sports will have a positive impact on physical and mental health, while helping a person cope.

Self-care is important because it improves self-esteem, boosts confidence, and ensures cleanliness and hygiene. As the mind is cleansed and free of toxic substances, the brain becomes less reliant on them to function.

Self-care allows a person in recovery to treat him or herself better. The journey to recovery is very challenging and can be stressful. When a person takes care of him or herself, the stress and feelings of being overwhelmed will lessen, and the focus can be on getting better.

Loved ones such as family and friends can be supportive in an individual’s self-care. Incorporating some laughter, fun, games, movies, and outings with loved ones are great self-care remedies. Meeting sober people will also ensure the person is focusing more on his or her health, rather than focusing on drugs or alcohol. A person in recovery should maintain his or her commitment to get better, live healthier, and take the time for his or her self-care.  

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