How Narcissistic Personalities Affect Family Dynamics

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At Nexus Recovery Services we strongly believe that family involvement, whether it be family of origin or of choice, is vital to a client’s recovery process.

This is why, unlike other adult outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment programs, we also offer weekly family coaching and a Family Intensive Workshop to all clients that enter our program. It is also why we have chosen to sponsor Clearly Clinical‘s new, free educational podcast episode for professionals, “Narcissist: The Skilled Abuser Part II. How Narcissistic Personalities Affect Family Dynamics.” A substance use disorder can be diagnosed in approximately 50% of patients suffering from a personality disorder, making narcissism a topic we all need to understand in relation to substance abuse and the family system.

A Bit More About Nexus

Recovery Done the Right Way.
We know our clients are unique individuals with different backgrounds, interests, and needs. With small client-to-clinician ratios, customized treatment plans, and a deep commitment to individualized care, our recovery services reflect that. People aren’t one size-fits-all. Why should recovery be?

We offer a range of programs and levels of care, all of which are tailored to serve each client’s individual needs.

Partial Hospitalization

Hands-on, full-time program for clients new to treatment or prone to relapse.

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Intensive Outpatient

Intensive part-time schedule for treatment to accommodate clients’ outside commitments

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Flexible treatment schedule for clients with outside obligations or nominal treatment needs

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Continuous support for clients as they transition back into their communities

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Get to Know Our Team
The Nexus treatment team is comprised of counselors, therapists, physicians, and staff who specialize in substance use disorder, co-occurring disorders, addiction medicine, and recovery. They’re prepared to treat clients in Los Angeles and surrounding communities.
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Gender-Responsive Programming

We offer gender-specific and co-ed programming. Learn more about our gender-responsive clinical programming.

Women’s Program

We honor the experience of living as a woman in a male-focused society. For us, any other clinical perspective ignores the sensitive needs and demands of women during treatment.

Men’s Program

This treatment addresses male-specific issues and focuses on relationship building because of the lack of healthy and supportive peer relationships that many newly sober men.

Alumni & Family Testimonials

"I will forever be grateful for Nexus and the amazing staff working here. They welcomed me with open arms and have helped me every step of the way... I have been to a lot of treatment centers and IOP programs and this is the best one I have ever been to. They have saved my life. The therapists and clinical staff are beautiful people that care for each individual that walks through their doors."

Wes P.

"Truly grateful for my Nexus family. I wouldn't be where I am today without these wonderful people. I wish I could give more than 5 Stars on this review. Thank you for showing me the way to a happy and more meaningful life."

05Shane M.

"I have great respect for Nexus Recovery and its associated leadership. I believe in their mission to provide ethical treatment and attention to clinical detail. I have seen many lives come in the door broken and exit with purpose, I am one of them."

Matthew R.

"If you are like me, you have been tirelessly researching online or calling various sober living facilities - feeling heartbroken, lost, desperate, and confused - all while facing a decision which would directly impact the livelihood of a loved one. No pressure, right? My husband had just completed rehab outside of Los Angeles and needed a [program] with good and honest people to help him adjust back to “real life"...The real (and scary) answer is these places are hard to come by. Now to get to why I NEEDED to write this review. Nexus. 5 letters that make up a word I want to shout from the rooftops with such profound gratitude... Nexus gave my husband a community bringing people into our lives which have changed it for the better. Nexus gave my husband counseling which has opened him up to realize his true potential without the need of drugs or alcohol – he is just grateful to be walking in his shoes sober."

Danielle F.

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