Psychoeducational group therapy is used in treatment for addiction and is designed to combine interpersonal interaction with educational information. A trained counselor who presents information on a particular issue conducts this type of group therapy.

Interpersonal interaction is used to facilitate the absorption of education and allow practice of new skills through role-play with other participants in the group (Ingersoll, Wagner, & Gharib, 2002). Information shared with the group is followed by discussion, training, or role-play.

Psychoeducational group therapy helps people to understand mental health conditions, which are often linked to addiction, and is considered to be a much-needed aspect of all therapy programs.

“Those who have a thorough understanding of the challenges they are facing as well as knowledge of personal coping ability, internal and external resources, and their own areas of strength are often better able to address difficulties, feel more in control of the condition(s), and have a greater internal capacity to work toward mental and emotional well-being.” (Psychoeducation, 2016).

Some people have a hard time expressing themselves in individual therapy. Groups can be less intimidating than a one-on-one session. Others in the group often ask the uncomfortable questions about the mental health condition. Clients get most of the information without asking themselves. People benefit from listening to others’ experiences and can share theirs as well.

Knowing you are not alone and having support from others makes the experience positive, reduces stress and stigma, and increases self-worth and motivation (Psychoeducation: Definition, Goals, and Methods, 2014). Psychoeducational group therapy helps with the recovery process in treatment for addiction and improves clients’ understanding of what led to their addiction and what the contributed to their drug and alcohol abuse so they can begin the healing process and improve mental health in recovery.

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